Hospice East strives to provide a special kind of caring to our patients and their families. In order to provide the highest quality care, we make sure that we hire the highest quality staff. Our Hospice Team includes individuals from many differing backgrounds and expertise, but all with the same heart for Hospice. Our team is made up of the following disciplines/professions:

      • Attending Physicians maintain primary medical care and work closely with the hospice team to develop an individualized care plan for each patient.
      • Our Hospice Medical Director consults with members of our team to ensure the care plan meets the patient's needs.
      • Registered Nurses visit the patient as needed and provide overall care management. Our nurses offer education and support about the disease process and expert pain and symptom control. Hospice East nurses are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
      • Continuous Care Nurses specialize in handling a crisis situation and remain with the patient until pain and symptoms are under control.
      • Certified Nursing Aides visit patients to provide professional personal care and attention, including bathing, grooming, changing bed linens, and other light household tasks.
      • Chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral support for patients and families, if desired, in the form of phone calls, visits, and general support.
      • Social Workers evaluate the overall emotional and psycho-social needs of the patient, family, and friends. Our social workers help families determine resources needed and assist in acquiring these resources.
      • Our Office Staff provide the administrative support to allow our clinical team to continue delivering the quality care for our patients.
      • Volunteers fill in many gaps for our organization, including administrative tasks, fundraising, and providing patient/family support.

We are a small organization with an extremely large purpose. We CARE for our patients and their families, but are only able to do that with the support from our staff, volunteers, and donors.