Hospice of Clark County began in 1981 as a volunteer agency. The agency became an official organization in March of 1981 and continued to serve the needs of terminally ill patients and their families. In 1985 Hospice of Clark County was awarded the Certificate of Need, giving them the right to provide hospice services to Clark County residents.

Medicare also began to recognize the need for at-home care in the final six months of a patient's life and added these services to covered benefits. Hospice of Clark County became Medicare certified in 1986 and began billing for these services.

The 90's held many changes and expansion for Hospice of Clark County, beginning with a name change to Hospice East. Hospice East began serving Powell County, in addition to Clark County, added contracts with local nursing homes, added a contract with Clark Regional Medical Center to provide inpatient unit services, and became accredited through JACHO.

Currently, Hospice East continues to provide quality services to approximately 50 patients and their families in Clark and Powell Counties. We have added an office in Stanton, KY to service our Powell County residents, and our Clark County office is now located at 407 Shoppers Drive in Winchester, KY. We serve all patients equally, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or ability to pay. We provide our quality care by hiring quality employees. Read more about our staff here.